About the Group

We are a group of seniors at High Tech High Media Arts who have recorded and edited audio story and are in the process of creating a film narrative to coincide with the audio.

Shoshannah Michaelsen

My name is Shoshannah Michaelsen and I’m a senior at High Tech High Media Arts. In my multimedia class we are making films based on sound recorded interviews we conducted earlier in the semester. We were placed in groups of 4 and delegated roles to ensure everyone is working on the film process. I am the art director and project manager. In multimedia my main interest is photography because I find it to be a fun challenge. I like trying to make something simple look interesting and like it has a story.

Morgan Barrett 

My name is Morgan Barrett and I am in the 12th grade multimedia class at High Tech High Media Arts. I’ll be working as director of photography. I am excited to work on this film project with my friends because I have never done something like this before. I’ve always loved photography and I look at this as a branch of that genre – photography that moves. I look forward to accomplishing a clean-cut film.

Ally Moder

My name is Ally Moder and I am currently a senior at High Tech High Media Arts. For this film project I will be the director. This job would entail keeping track of the story’s authenticity. I chose to be this part because I have always thought of myself as a leader and I enjoy taking everyone’s ideas and making them come together to create a final product. I am looking forward to working with the sound narrative that we have and collaborating with the group to create a film that reflects the story in a creative way.

Austin Clapp

I’m Austin Clapp, and I’m working as assistant director on the story “Duct Tape Ninja”. This is the audio story that I’ve edited, and I know the story really well. Furthermore, I’ll be managing the website as we continue the progress. A lot of my interests lie in the technical side of the story, which is why I’ll be working on the tech side. Everyone in my group is going to be collaborating on the sound directing. I would really like to take Mele’s story and translate it into an enjoyable film to watch.


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